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Issue 5.1

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Of HIV and men

Christina K Psomas

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Safety, tolerability and impact on viral reservoirs of the addition to antiretroviral therapy of ABX464, an investigational antiviral drug, in individuals living with HIV-1: a Phase IIa randomised controlled study

Sofie Rutsaert, Jean-Marc Steens, Paul Gineste, Basiel Cole, Sam Kint, P Noel Barrett, Jamal Tazi, Didier Scherrer, Hartmut J Ehrlich, Linos Vandekerckhove

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Establishment of latent HIV-1 reservoirs: what do we really know?

Jef Vanhamel, Anne Bruggemans, Zeger Debyser

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Comparable carotid intima-media thickness among long-term virologically suppressed individuals with HIV and those without HIV in Thailand

Opass Putcharoen, Suwapan Pleumkanitkul, Aurauma Chutinet, Pongpat Vongsayan, Jitrada Samajarn, Jiratchaya Sophonphan, Stephen J Kerr, Akarin Hiransuthikul, Sarawut Siwamogsatham, Kiat Ruxrungtham, Anchalee Avihingsanon

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Stability of plasma indices of inflammation and coagulation and homeostasis after fatty and non-fatty meals in treated people with HIV

Dominic Dorazio, Douglas W Kitch, Netanya S Utay, Bernard J Macatangay, Alan Landay, Todd Brown, Ronald J Bosch, Alison L Pelger, Jane E Baum, Robert Asaad, Benigno Rodriguez, Michael M Lederman

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Immunological profile of an infant treated with integrase inhibitor from the neonatal period

Lucia Taramasso, Chiara Dentone, Paola Tatarelli, Bianca Bruzzone, Francesco Marras, Andrea De Maria, Cristina Gotta, Elio Castagnola, Gilberto Filaci, Claudio Viscoli, Daniela Fenoglio, Antonio Di Biagio

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