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Issue 2

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Latent HIV dynamics and implications for sustained viral suppression in the absence of antiretroviral therapy

John M Murray

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Ethical challenges in developing an educational video to empower potential participants during consent processes in HIV cure research in South Africa

Ciara Staunton, Malcolm de Roubaix, Dianno Dianno Baatjies, Gill Black, Melany Hendricks, Theresa Rossouw, Keymanthri Moodley

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Impact of an educational video as a consent tool on knowledge about cure research among patients and caregivers at HIV clinics in South Africa

Melany Hendricks, Gonasagrie Nai, Ciara Staunton, Michael Pather, Nigel Garrett, Dianno Baadjies, Martin Kidd, Keymanthri Moodley

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Heterogeneity in hepatitis C treatment prescribing and uptake in Australia: a geospatial analysis of a year of unrestricted treatment access

Nick Scott, Samuel W Hainsworth, Rachel Sacks-Davis, Alisa Pedrana, Joseph Doyle, Amanda Wade, Margaret Hellard

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Implementation of hepatitis C cure in Australia: one year on

Jacqueline A Richmond & Jack Wallace

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Outpatient directly observed therapy for hepatitis C among people who use drugs: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Cara L McDermott, Catherine M Lockhart, Beth Devine

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