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Issue 2

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Anti-müllerian hormone levels are reduced in women living with human immunodeficiency virus compared to control women: a case–control study from Copenhagen, Denmark

Maria Wessman, Anne-Sofie Korsholm, Janne G Bentzen, Anders N Andersen, Magnus G Ahlstrom, Terese L Katzenstein, Nina Weis

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Bioequivalent pharmacokinetics for generic and originator hepatitis C direct-acting antivirals

Andrew Hill, Loai Tahat, Mohammed K Mohammed, Rabab F Tayyem, Giten Khwairakpam, Sanjay Nath, James Freeman, Ismahane Benbitour, Sherine Helmy

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Highlights from the 8th International Workshop on HIV Persistence during Therapy, 12–15 December 2017, Miami, FL, USA

Christina K Psomas, Alain Lafeuillade, David Margolis, Karl Salzwedel, Mario Stevenson, Nicolas Chomont, Guido Poli, Jean-Pierre Routy

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Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis: clinical guidelines. Update April 2018

Edwina Wright, Andrew Grulich, Katy Roy, Mark Boyd, Vincent Cornelisse, Darren Russell, Darryl O‘Donnell, Bill Whittaker, Levinia Crooks, Iryna Zablotska

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