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Hepatitis B virus genotypes A and D in Uganda

JT Zirabamuzale, CK Opio, F Bwanga, et al.

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Advancing the regulatory path on hepatitis B virus treatment and curative research: a stakeholders consultation

Jonathan Liu, Pedro Goicochea, Timothy Block, Carol L Brosgart, Eric F Donaldson, Oliver Lenz, Seng Gee Lim, Ed G Marins, Poonam Mishra, Marion G Peters, Veronica Miller

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Towards the elimination and eradication of hepatitis B

Geoffrey Dusheiko

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Response to hepatitis B vaccination among HIV-infected adults in Vietnam

TM Pollack, LTT Trang, L Ngo, DD Cuong, PT Thuy, DJ Colby

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Analysis of minimum target prices for production of entecavir to treat hepatitis B in high- and low-income countries

Andrew Hill, Dzintars Gotham, Graham Cooke et al.

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