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Issue 1.4

Efforts to eliminate the latent reservoir in resting CD4+ T cells: strategies for curing HIV-1 infection

Ya-Chi Ho & Janet D Siliciano

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Novel immunological strategies for HIV-1 eradication

B Jülg & DH Barouch

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HIV-infected cells are frequently clonally expanded after prolonged antiretroviral therapy: implications for HIV persistence

F Maldarelli

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The HIV cure research agenda: the role of mathematical modelling and cost-effectiveness analysis

KA Freedberg, C Possas, S Deeks, et al.

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Participation in HIV cure-related research: a scoping review of the proxy literature and implications for future research

K Dubé, C Ramirez, J Handibode, et al.

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Higher risks of mother-to-child HIV transmission in countries with lower HIV prevalence: UNAIDS 2013 results for 32 countries with generalised epidemics

A Hill, T Dauncey, J Levi, K Heath, C Pérez Casas

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