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Issue 2.1

Alemtuzumab-induced elimination of HIV-1-infected immune cells

K Ruxrungtham, S Sirivichayakul, S Buranapraditkun, W Krause

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Treatment strategies for Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus

Kayvon Modjarrad

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HIV-1 prophylactic vaccines: state of the art

Jean-Daniel Lelièvre & Yves Lévy

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Hepatitis B virus genotypes A and D in Uganda

JT Zirabamuzale, CK Opio, F Bwanga, et al.

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A qualitative assessment of barriers and facilitators to ART adherence in Thai patients

M Phuphanich, M Rattanamahattana, A Avihingsanon, et al.

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Highlights from the Seventh International Workshop on HIV Persistence during Therapy, 8–11 December 2015, Miami, Florida, USA

DM Margolis, K Salzwedel, N Chomont, et al.

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