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Issue 1.3

Guest editorial: Children are not small adults

Caroline Foster & Hermione Lyall

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Immunological and pharmacological strategies to reactivate HIV-1 from latently infected cells: a possibility for HIV-1 paediatric patients?

M Martinez-Bonet, MI Clemente, MJ Serrami­a, et al.

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The EPIICAL project: an emerging global collaboration to investigate immunotherapeutic strategies in HIV-infected children

P Palma, C Foster, P Rojo, et al

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Host factors and early treatments to restrict paediatric HIV infection and early disease progression

Ketty Gianesen, Raffaella Petrara, Riccardo Freguja, et al.

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Paediatric HIV infection in the ‘omics era: defining transcriptional signatures of viral control and vaccine responses

Nicola Cotugno, Lesley De Armas, Suresh Pallikkuth, et al

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Adverse bone health among children and adolescents growing up with HIV

Tavitiya Sudjaritruk & Thanyawee Puthanakit

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