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Issue 1.3

Treating hepatitis C virus in children: time for a new paradigm

Claire Thorne, Giuseppe Indolfi, Anna Turkova, et al

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Ebola in children: a personal perspective

Tejshri Shah

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Viruses and exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: unmet clinical need

Lewis Buss & John Hurst

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Second European Round Table on the Future Management of HIV 10–11 October 2014, Barcelona, Spain

Casper Rokx, Douglas Richman, Michaela Mueller-Trutwin, et al.

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50th International Liver Congress: update on viral hepatitis 22–26 April 2015, Vienna, Austria

Morven Cunningham & Douglas Macdonald

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Highlights from the Keystone Symposium on HIV Persistence 2015 26–30 April 2015, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Sulggi Lee

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