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Volume 2 1

Rapid reductions in prices for generic sofosbuvir and daclatasvir to treat hepatitis C

A Hill, B Simmons, D Gotham, et al.

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Treatment outcomes of first-line antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1-positive patients in Serbia

J Kušic, M Mladenovic, B Dimitrijevic, et al.

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Factors associated with HIV RNA viral loads in ART-naïve patients: implications for treatment as prevention in concentrated epidemics

S Rangarajan, D Colby, G Le Truong, et al.

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Virological and immunological characteristics of HIV-infected individuals at the earliest stage of infection

J Ananworanich, CP Sacdalan, S Pinyakorn, et al.

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Women in HIV cure research: multilevel interventions to improve sex equity in recruitment

ME Grewe, Y Ma, A Gilbertson, et al.

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Vertical transmission of hepatitis C: towards universal antenatal screening in the era of new direct acting antivirals (DAAs)? Short review and analysis of the situation in Switzerland

K Aebi-Popp, A Duppenthaler, A Rauch, et al.

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