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Issue 3.4

Highlights from the BHIVA Satellite Symposium, IAS Conference, Paris, France, July 2017: ‘Tougher times: adapting to increasing demand with declining resources’

Valerie Delpech, Nneka Nwokolo, Laura Waters, Angelina Namiba, Chloe Orkin

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Highlights for the 9th International Workshop on Pediatrics, 22–23 July 2017, Paris, France

Natella Rakhmanina, Alfredo Tagarro, Lizzie Chappell, Siobhan Crichton, Steve Innes, Mark Cotton, Ann Chahroudi, Sam Fry, Virginia Rasi, Shaun Barnabas, Claire Thorne, Amy L Slogrove, Wipaporn Natalie Songtaweesin, Thanyawee Puthanakit

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Bone mineral density optimisation in adults with perinatally acquired HIV infection in routine care

Thomas J Pasvol, Fred Fyle, Caroline Foster, Sarah Fidler

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