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Issue 1

Crowdsourcing and community engagement: a qualitative analysis of the 2BeatHIV contest

Allison Mathews, Samantha Farley, Lisa Hightow-Weidman, Kate Mussig, Stuart Rennie, Joseph D Tucker

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Prevalence and factors associated with renal dysfunction in patients on tenofovir disoproxil fumarate-based antiretroviral regimens for HIV infection in Southern India

Nagalingeswaran Kumarasamy, Sruthi Sundaram, Selvamuthu Poongulali, Chandrasekaran Ezhilarasi, Ambrose Pradeep, Devara Chitra

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Report from the First EPIICAL (Early-treated Perinatally HIV-infected Individuals: Improving Children‘s Actual Life with Novel Immunotherapeutic Strategies) General Assembly meeting, 9–11 November 2017, Rome, Italy

P Zangari, P Palma, N Cotugno, P Rojo, A Tagarro, I Pepponi, A De Rossi, L Kuhn, S Pahwa, M Cameron, E Nastouli, S Watters, AG Marceline, LE McCoy, D Persaud, A Violari, M Chan, AG Babiker, C Foster, J Ananworanich, C Giaquinto, P Rossi

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Highlights from the HTLV-1 symposium at the 2017 Australasian HIV and AIDS Conference held jointly with the 2017 Australasian Sexual Health Conference, November 2017, Canberra, Australia

Lloyd Einsiedel, Damian Purcell, Shane Schinke, Katelin Haynes, Graham P Taylor, Fabiola Martin

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HIV-associated cognitive performance and psychomotor impairment in a Thai cohort on long-term cART

Tanya Do, Kerr Stephen, Anchalee Avihingsanon, Saowaluk Suksawek, Supalak Klungkang, Taweesak Channgam, Christoph Odermatt, Wirach Meek-a-nantawat, Kiat Ruxtungtham, Jintanat Ananworanich, Victor Valcour, Peter Reiss, Ferdinand Wit

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Highlights from the HIV Cure and Reservoir Symposium, 11–12 September 2017, Ghent, Belgium

Sam Kint, Clarissa Van Hecke, Basiel Cole, Linos Vandekerckhove, Magdalena Sips

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