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Issue 2

Possible clearance of transfusion-acquired Nef and LTR-deleted attenuated HIV-1 infection by an elite controller with CCR5 Δ32 heterozygous and HLA-B57 genotype

John Zaunders, Wayne B Dyer, Melissa Churchill, C Mee Ling Munier, Philip H Cunningham, Kazuo Suzuki, Kristin McBride, Will Hey-Nguyen, Kersten Koelsch, Bin Wang, Bonnie Hiener, Sarah Palmer, Paul R Gorry, Michelle Bailey, Yin Xu, Mark Danta, Nabila Seddiki, David A Cooper, Nitin K Saksena, John S Sullivan, Sean Riminton, Jenny Learmont, Anthony D Kelleher

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Identification of isoform-selective hydroxamic acid derivatives that potently reactivate HIV from latency

Elleard FW Heffern, Rashmi Ramani, Garland Marshall, George B Kyei

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Most new HIV infections, vertical transmissions and AIDS-related deaths occur in lower-prevalence countries

Joe Kempton, Andrew Hill, Jacob A Levi, Katherine Heath, Anton Pozniak

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A study using knowledge, attitude and practices on the prevention of HIV-1 vertical transmission with outcomes in early infant HIV-1 diagnosis in Eastern Uganda

Sydney Nsubuga, Jeanette Meadway, Peter Olupot-Olupot

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What risk of death would people take to be cured of HIV and why? A survey of people living with HIV

Benjamin Murray, Allison Kratka, Karen A Scherr, Nir Eyal, Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby, Kenneth A Freedberg, Daniel R Kuritzkes, James K Hammitt, Regina Edifor, Madelaine Katz, Kathryn Pollak, Brian J Zikmund-Fisher, Scott D Halpern, Mary C Barks, Peter A Ubel

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Comparison of prevention, screening and treatment of hepatitis C in Iran, Egypt and Georgia

Masoud Behzadifar, Hasan Abolghasem Gorji, Aziz Rezapour, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi

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