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The ‘post-condom era’ or the urgent need to provide effective contraception for women living with HIV

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Karoline Aebi-Popp


To date, vaginal intercourse is the most common route for HIV transmission and accounts for more than 80% of new infections in women worldwide [1]. Nearly 10 years ago, in 2008, Swiss experts recommended that suppressive ART could provide effective and sufficient protection to allow unprotected sexual intercourse[2]. More than 8 years of clinical experience did not change this statement, but rather, confirmed it [3]. Today we know that the HIV transmission risk between sero-discordant couples, in which he infected partner is receiving effective antiretroviral therapy (ART), remains very low [4]. This has changed the landscape of HIV medicine, especially for HIV-infected women who wish to become pregnant with an HIV-negative partner in a natural way, not dependent on artificial insemination.

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