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The complex legal and ethical issues related to generic medications. Viral hepatitis: a case study

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Mark Danta
N Ghinea


The economic impact of medications is significant, with many countries unable to afford the essential medicines listed by the WHO. Generic medications are one strategy to address this issue. Generic medications are similar to but not the same as originator medications. They have a significant cost advantage because they do not require the background research and development studies to support registration. Consequently, they are gaining increased market share in both the developed and developing world. Many new medications are now licensed to generic manufacturers in the developing world. As a result, it is possible for patients to bypass regulatory and cost barriers by importing medications directly from generic producers. Importation of the novel hepatitis C direct-acting antiviral therapy into Australia before it was registered in the country is an illustrative case study. This review will characterise generic medications and some of the legal and ethical issues around their utilisation, focusing on the relevant players, including pharma, government, patients and doctors.

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Hepatitis C (HCV)

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