Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections 2015

Author List
Jintanat Ananworanich
Linos Vanderkerckhove
Ya-Chi Ho
Claudia Alteri et al.


Treatment interruption and predictors for viraemic control Jintanat Ananworanich

New insights into HIV persistence, latency reversal and viraemia rebound Linos Vanderkerckhove

If there is shock but no kill: HIV-1-infected CD4+ T cells can be clonally expanded in response to antigen stimuli and latency-reversing agents Ya-Chi Ho

The role of latency as a major barrier to finding a cure for HIV Claudia Alteri, Francesca Ceccherini Silberstein and Carlo-Federico Perno

Young investigators unravel persistent HIV RNA transcription at CROI 2015 Ward De Spiegelaere

Imaging HIV reservoirs and antiretroviral drug biodistribution: a beacon of hope for HIV cure Esther Gathogo

New antiretroviral agents for HIV Alessandro Cozzi-Lepri

Tables & Figures

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