Aims and objectives

The aim of this Journal is to provide a specialist, open-access forum and fast-track pathway to publish work in the rapidly developing field of virus eradication, particularly of HIV, HBV and HCV. The Journal has been set up especially for these and other viruses, including herpes and flu, in a context of new therapeutic strategies, as well as societal eradication of viral infections with preventive interventions.


The Journal not only publishes original research, but provides an opportunity for opinions, reviews, case studies and comments on the published literature. It will focus on evidence-based medicine as the major thrust in the successful management of HIV and AIDS, HBV and HCV as well as include relevant work for other viral infections. The Journal encompasses virological, immunological, epidemiological, modelling, pharmacological, pre-clinical and in vitro, as well as clinical, data including but not limited to drugs, immunotherapy and gene therapy. It will be an important source of information on the development of vaccine programmes and preventative measures aimed at virus eradication.

International Editorial Board

The journal is under the independent control of an international Editorial Board comprising leading experts in the field of innovative research and development of therapies for chronic viral diseases such as HIV, HBV, HCV and other viral infections, and is led by Editor-in-Chief, Professor Jintanat Ananworanich. The Editorial Board is actively involved in the running of the Journal and is supported by an international Editorial Panel. The Editorial Board and Editorial Panel are involved in the review of papers submitted for publication. The Journal is aimed at the international community involved in the prevention, and management of viral infections, particularly HIV, HBV and HCV. It provides an academic forum for the publication of original research into viral reservoirs, viral persistence and virus eradication and ultimately, development of cures. All submissions are peer reviewed by experts who work at major international centres of excellence.


The Journal is printed quarterly and articles are available on the website on an open-access basis here

Submission of manuscripts

Full details on how to submit manuscripts can be found here

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