Volume 1

HCV cure for everyone or which challenges remain?

Jürgen Rockstroh

HIV persistence in the setting of antiretroviral therapy

Deanna A Kulpa & Nicolas Chomont

CNS reservoirs for HIV: implications for eradication

Joanna Hellmuth, Victor Valcour, Serena Spudich

Clinical outcomes and antiretroviral therapy in ‘elite’ controllers

Trevor A Crowell & Hiroyu Hatano

New prospects for a preventive HIV-1 vaccine

Jeffrey Brown, Jean-Louis Excler, Jerome H Kim

Low incidence of HIV infection in anonymous HIV counselling

Nittaya Phanuphak, Robert Paris, Donn Colby et al.

Cervical and anal HPV infection

Reshmie A Ramautarsing & Nittaya Phanuphak et al.

Analysis of minimum target prices for production of entecavir

Andrew Hill, Dzintars Gotham, Graham Cooke et al.

Innovative strategies using communications technologies to engage

Tarandeep Anand & Chattiya Nitpolprasert, et al.

Markers of HIV reservoir size and immune activation after treatment in acute HIV

Jintanat Ananworanich, Nicolas Chomont, JLK Fletcher et al

CROI 2015: report

Jintanat Ananworanich, Linos Vanderkerckhove, Ya-Chi Ho, Claudia Alteri et al.

Highlights from HIV Research Prevention (R4P)

Julie Ake

We all need to know about HIV cure research

Olubanke Davies & Julie Fox

Professor Jintanat Ananworanich MD, PhD

Associate Director for Therapeutics Research, US Military HIV Research Program (MHRP).

Professor Margaret Johnson MD, FRCP

Professor of HIV Medicine, University College Medical School,Royal Free London Foundation Trust

Dr. Sabine Kinloch MD

Senior Lecturer, Division of Infection and Immunity, University College London.

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