Mediscript publishes an extensive range of medical/scientific publications for a wide spectrum of readership ranging from clinical and basic research scientists to consultants, general practitioners, pharmacists, medical representatives, nurses and patients. Over the last 30 years, our publications have covered a vast array of therapeutic fields, including oncology, virology, dermatology, HIV, hepatitis, respiratory medicine, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gastroenterology, obesity, sport medicine, health and fitness. The company has established worldwide contacts throughout academia and medicine in all fields, particularly HIV disease.

Our services include writing, editing, literature scanning, abstracting, design, typesetting, artwork, print and production, translation and transcribing, conference planning, international freight and shipping and fulfilment of mailing lists, UK and worldwide. We work closely with a team of IT specialists for the design, construction and management of websites. Mediscript publications include journals, training programmes, product monographs, conference literature, newsletters, treatment guidelines and patient education material in a range of therapeutic conditions.

The company also has considerable experience in the organisation of conferences ranging from small Roundtables to satellite symposia and larger events of up to 1000 delegates. As an extension of our activities, we have worked with medical associations and learned societies and played a pivotal role in the setting up of the British HIV Association (BHIVA), the National HIV Nurses Association (NHIVNA) and the Children's HIV Association (CHIVA).

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